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*Co-first author, **Co-last author/senior author.

Journal Papers

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Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

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Papers in Submission (On ArXiv or Available on request)

  1. S. Sivaranjani and V. Gupta, “Existence and stability of steady states in congested transportation networks,” In submission, 2020.

Selected Conference Abstracts/Posters

  1. S. Sivaranjani, Etika Agarwal, Vijay Gupta, “Learning passive linear models of nonlinear systems from data”, Late Breaking Poster, American Control Conference (ACC), 2020.
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  5. Nagarjun K.P., Sivaranjani S., and Koshy George. “Lyapunov Control of Quantum Systems with Applications to Quantum Computing”, International Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Computing (ICQIQC) 2013. Poster.